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A) BMM or Bachelor of Mass media is one of the most sought-after courses for Class 12th students. BMM is an undergraduate level three-year duration course that includes the study of different channels of communication such as newspapers, television, radio, and internet.

In today’s scenario, media stands as an attractive career option to the Indian youth and a degree in BMM offers a wide range of job opportunities to candidates. BMM teaches students all the technical skills required to be successful in the field of media. The course also imparts other essential skills such as research aptitude and verbal as well as presentation skills to candidates.

B) BA or Bachelor of Arts is an extremely popular undergraduate course that students puruse right after their class 12th. Here are some important facts to konw about Bachelor or Arts:

Bachelor or Arts is usually of three years duration.

As part of a BA course the students need to study five compulsory subjects along with few elective subjects. These subjects vary depending on the discipline selected by candidates.